I recently had the opportunity to attend the premiere fall GET SCENE magazine fashion show. JZ Social Enterprises is well known for showcasing and supporting upcoming designers, talent, celebrities via their events. It was a great opportunity to meet like minded individuals who come from such a vast difference in backgrounds. Special thanks to Jackie for … [Read more…]

Charleston Travel Guide

I was just in the beautiful, historic city of Charleston…every corner I turned something caught my attention. Charleston is a city that is best explored by walking because you never really know what will catch your eye. Although, I have to add that it was SUPER hot while I was there so I highly recommend … [Read more…]

ShopPinkBlush x Luxury Belle

I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with ShopPinkBlush , the super trendy yet affordable online boutique for Women, they also offer a very wide range of maternity clothing which is just as chic. Here is a direct link to their website: http://www.shoppinkblush.com/default.aspx? For their maternity clothing: http://www.shoppinkblush.com/n-26-maternity.aspx #ShopPinkBlush #PinkBlush I chose this blush gown , which is so beyond … [Read more…]

The Red Coat

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted an outfit post in a while- I promise I have not forgotten about you! Things have been SO beyond crazy with school and exams. For those of you that don’t know….I am actually a full time student striving for a future career in the Healthcare Field. I recently got the opportunity … [Read more…]

ShopSocialitte X Luxury Belle X Soleconscious

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with ShopSocialitte read all about it below….   What I’m wearing c/o ShopSociallite: KARL WHO SIGNATURE FLEECE SWEATSHIRT – ROYAL BLUE   “Inspired by fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, this incredibly soft and relaxed poly-cotton sponge fleece sweatshirt is one of a kind. Pullover crewneck featuring unisex style and long raglan … [Read more…]


Founders: Ty and Andre Louis Roberts TY and Andre are step partners. What are step partners? Step partners have the philosophy of step brothers. The mentality is of no separation, being one, and getting both or none. TY says , “I feel a little less complete when I’m not doing something with him”. AL has history … [Read more…]